About Minnesota's Future

Our mission: to ensure that Minnesota children are nurtured, healthy, eager to learn and prepared to succeed in school AND in life.

We are an alliance of nonprofit, nonpartisan early childhood organizations. As 501(c)3 nonprofits we do not endorse or oppose candidates for office, make campaign contributions or expenditures for candidates, let candidates use resources or mailing lists, or use an election communication explicitly designed to favor or oppose a candidate.

Our vision:

  • Children have access to high quality early childhood experiences
  • Parents are supported in their responsibility as their children’s most important teachers and caregivers
  • Families, caregivers, and educators are supported in helping children succeed
  • Communities embrace a collective responsibility for children’s success

Since early 2009, an alliance of early childhood advocacy organizations convened by Ready 4 K (now part of Think Small) has met to develop a set of shared policy recommendations for Minnesota’s elected leaders that will improve children’s development and readiness for school and for life.  The allies group includes early childhood organizations that have an active lobbying presence at the state Capitol.  See list of Minnesota's Future allies.

The Minnesota’s Future platform is based on the understanding that the path to Minnesota’s future prosperity begins with the well-being of all our children. That’s why it’s important to invest in early childhood development and lay the foundation for future success in school, career and life.  Policies that support the ability of parents, providers of early care and education, and other community members to interact positively with children in stable and stimulating environments help create a sturdy foundation for later school achievement, economic productivity, and responsible citizenship.